Welcome to Praline, for thirty years we have been creating exquisiste chocolates  for you to enjoy in Australia and around the world.

Through our artesian approach to making superb chocolates, we invite you into our world.

Senses of Chocolate Confectioners understand that to truly taste (and enjoy) chocolate, all 5 senses must be employed:  
Sight The chocolate must have a pure, consistent colour, with a smooth and shiny surface.
Any motting indicated incomplete mixing of the ingredients.
Touch Chocolate should feel very smooth and firm, due to the perfect mix of ingredients and correct moulding processes.
Hearing Chocolate has a crystalline structure, thus one can hear a soft, audible snap when a piece is broken.
Smell Chocolate is based upon ingredients from the cocoa bean, of which there are as many as 400 different varieties.
Taste Ideally the chocolate melts on the tongue, releasing the individual and combined flavours. Often taste is subtly influence by other senses, especially smell.